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Christa Ellis, April 9 2023

Get the Kardashian Photo Booth Experience

Chances are, you’ve seen it at a wedding or social gathering—the Kardashian Photo Booth. Do you want to bring an air of Hollywood glamour to your wedding? Now you can with Luxe Photos KC black and white photo booth. Whether it’s a simple wedding or a grand affair, these photos will bring the Kardashian photo booth style to your day! Let’s take a look at what Luxe Photos KC has to offer.

The Setup

Any good photoshoot requires an ideal setting. From the lights to the backdrop, everything must be perfectly in place. With Luxe Photos KC Glam Booth, you can create that dreamy setting reminiscent of Kim K’s iconic photosets. The all-white backdrops gives off a luxurious feel and provides a chic background for your images. Black and white photography has been around for centuries but it’s still popular today because of its timeless appeal. Black and white photography emphasizes light and shadow which creates unique textures and tones in each image. It also focuses more attention on the subject matter rather than colors or other distractions in the background. This makes it perfect for capturing those special moments on your wedding day so they last forever!

Making It Unique to You

The Kardashians are well known for their glamorous lifestyle and sense of fashion. The Kardashians’ “Kardashian style” is often characterized by sleek hair, smooth skin, beauty filter, bold wardrobe choices, and high-end accessories. This style has become iconic over the years and is now sought after by many people around the world.

The beauty of having Luxe Photos KC’s Black and White Glam Booth at your event is that it can be customized to fit any theme or style. Whether you are having a vintage-themed wedding or something more modern, our team of experts can make sure that everything looks perfect! From choosing the right props from Lush Party Studio to setting up the backdrop, we will work with you every step of the way to ensure that this photo booth experience is tailored specifically to your event.

Here are some pictures from previous events using the Glam Booth (a.k.a the Kardashian photo booth):

The Finish

Kim K isn’t just known for her style; she’s also known for her glamorous finishing touches! At Luxe Photos KC, we offer black & white prints that give each image an extra bit of glamour and sophistication. Plus, our prints are made with premium paper stock, so they last longer than standard prints! So, whether you’re looking for traditional 4x6 prints or 2x6 strips, Luxe Photos KC has exactly what you need to capture those once-in-a-lifetime memories in true Kardashian style!


If you want to capture that classic Kardashian photo booth look in your own photos, bring some Hollywood glamour to your wedding with Luxe Photos KC black and white photos! Our all-white Glam Booth rental is designed to provide a chic backdrop as well as special effects like Boomerangs and GIFs to make each photo unique. And with our high quality black & white prints made on premium paper stock, you can ensure that each memory will last longer than ever before! So, book your next event today with Luxe Photos KC and create timeless memories in classic Kardashian style!

Written by

Christa Ellis

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