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Christa Ellis, September 28 2022

How to Choose the Perfect Backdrop for Your Kansas City Photo Booth| Luxe Photos KC

Backdrops make up 75% of your photo booth picture so pick wisely! We suggest picking a simple backdrop if you have a print template that has a lot of design elements. A great backdrop will really make your photos pop and add to the overall fun of the photo booth experience. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a backdrop for your photo booth:

1. Consider the colors of your print template. You want your backdrop to complement the colors of your print template so that your photos look cohesive and professional.

2. Think about the overall theme or feeling you want to convey with your photos. Do you want something festive? Romantic? Sexy? Playful? Classy? The backdrop you choose should help convey the overall tone of your photos. 

3. Keep it simple! Too many busy patterns or colors can be overwhelming and take away from the focus of the photo, which should be you and your guests.

4. Have fun with it! This is an opportunity to get creative and have some fun with your photos. If you’re stuck, consider enlisting the help of your Kansas City Photo Booth vendor or event planner who can help you choose the perfect backdrop for your needs. Luxe Photos KC has flower walls, shimmer walls and sequin walls to help make your event pop!


Picking the perfect backdrop for your photo booth doesn't have to be difficult! Just keep in mind a few simple tips, like complementing the colors of your print template, thinking about the overall theme or feeling you want to convey, and keeping it relatively simple so that it doesn't overwhelm your photos. With these guidelines in mind, you'll be sure to find a backdrop that's perfect for your needs—and that will help make your photos even more amazing! 

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Christa Ellis


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